Dante Thomas

Dante Thomas

Who is Dante Thomas?

Dante Thomas is an energetic, passionate soul and artist.

He grew up listening to his opera singing mother, and great artists, such as Steve Wonder, Jodeci, and Donny Hathaway.
He began to focus on his music and vocal techniques at just the young age of 14.
Determined to mold his vocals and sound like the greats of those generations before him.

He as born in Sacramento California, and later moved to Salt Lake City Utah.
He moved in & out of different cities within Utah, and went to countless schools, working at restaurants and made Subway sandwiches.
Unhappy with life, he made a vast, unpredictable and bold move to go to New York City.

At 18, he stepped off the bus into the 'Big Apple' with little money in his pocket, and no-one familiar, he was determined to make it big in the world of music.
Sleeping on bus benches, and at youth hostels, he desperately wanted to make a name for himself. After countless disappointments, he said a faithful prayer, and took many footsteps to what happened to be, the right place at the right time. He ran into Pras' Michael from The Fugees'.
Stopping Pras, and asking for just moments of his time, Dante began to sing loud and proud. Pras was stunned by his performance. Pras' then immediately asked Dante to come to the studio later that day and sing what was going to be his rise to the top, 'Miss California'.

As the record sky rocketed him to be one of Europes most favorited songs, also landed him on America's top 100 billboard charts.

Dante began touring and opening up for N'Sync, having Fergie on his tour bus, before she was Fergie, doing tons of shows, and having thousands of fans, he knew he had made his dreams comes true.

Years later, after taking a break, he then came out with his next hit single, 'Get it on'.
Writing and producing his own records, and working with big name acts like, Scott Storch, Snoop Dogg, and Nick Carter, he made the decision to move to Germany.

Coming out in 2012)2013 with new records and vocal performances such as an up tempo, out of this world track with Michael Mind Project, titled, ''Nothing lasts forever'', & ''Feeling So Blue'' having more than 4 million views on YouTube each, and working with KRIS from Revolverheld on a song titled, ''Diese Tage'' with also over 4 million views.
He now has countless pages on Google, & started working with Time Warner's sister network Warner Chapel in Hamburg Germany in 2012/2013.
He has co-written songs with Nick Carter such as ''Coma'', and, doing hundreds of shows, and having appearances on t.v. more than he could ever wish for. His newest album ''Hardcore On Videotape'' dropped in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on May 24th 2013.

So who is Dante Thomas you may ask?
Dante Thomas is a force to be reckoned with. He has a voice that will shake you to your core, and make you shed a tear. He's a powerful, determined artist with a faith and stride that will never be broken or silenced, & a soulful compelling spirit that will continue to shine.

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